Trifecta !!!

Still trying to fathom that I have finally completed my dream of completing my trifecta medal.  Its been a lot of hardwork and dedication to get to where I am today.   Never did I think that I would finally achieve my goal of completing my trifecta.  But here I stand today looking at my completed medal and damn am I proud! Saturday was truly a battle for me.  There were many moments that I truly believed that I couldn’t finish.  The lupus and I had a few heart to heart conversations, and it was pushing me to believe that I didn’t have it in me to finish the race that I had set my heart out to complete.  Spartan Race set up one hell of a course in Utah.  I went into the course knowing to expect hills, but boy did they have hills on the course.  I think I formed into part mountain goat after completing that course!  Seriously though, the hills kill my knees and that was seriously the hardest part. This course not only tested my physical capabilities but my mental capabilities as well.  It was something I had to overcome if I wanted to get my trifecta.  So with my boyfriend at my side, I was able to over come obstacle after obstacle (hills included).  I was able to do the log hop on my own which was a first for me and the herc hoist as well! Big motivational boosters for me. These were obstacles I needed to overcome in order to achieve my goal of getting that green medal! Mile after mile I pushed on! Finally with a little over two more miles to go I saw a good friend David, who by the way was on his second lap working on his double trifecta (he is kind of crazy like all of us OCR peeps).  He gave me yet another boost of motivation to finish this bad boy out and get that medal! That gave me the boost I needed to finish up the race, achy body and bruises and all.  I got that medal and broke down in tears.  I had achieved something that some may have thought impossible.  Something that most won’t even attempt.  When I went to sign the Spartan wall I put “I may have Lupus but Lupus sure as hell doesn’t have me!”  This day was a defining moment for me for sure.  I conquered a lot that day and was very proud of what was achieved.  Sore as hell and said I won’t do any more, but a couple days later I am looking at race calendars itching for my next race.  Yep I am addicted. I truly don’t think I am going to stop and don’t think I want to.  I have that fear that if I do, I will go back to being that sickly Cassidy, that can’t walk, that wants to stay in bed all day, and isn’t active.  There is no way in HELL that I am EVER going to do that!  I love the life I live now.  Yes I am sore but its definitely a good sore.  Its my muscles in their own sympathetic way saying thank you for working us to the breaking point.  Thank you for keeping us going and not allowing us to deteriorate.   You know I may have a disease that may eventually kill me, I have come to terms with that a long time ago when I was in a very dark place with my disease but I am not going to let it stop me from living and enjoying every single minute of my life!  God gave us our lives to live for a reason.  I was put on this earth to help motivate others who are going through hard times, even though at times it seems I am being tested as well.  That’s for me to be put back in my place and realize that yeah its not all sunshine and roses.  I know this is what I am to do and why I need to be here.  

I have several races coming up including a trail half marathon in Beaver Creek and Ragnar Relay that runs from Copper Mountain to Snowmass, yes that’s a 200ish mile relay with an awesome team of COR peeps.  This will allow me to get my double medal for the Ragnar Relay Series since I have completed the Trail Relay a few weeks ago.  I have a busy race season ahead of me but allowing time for recovery this year and trying to not over do it.  I have so much motivation though that not over doing it is very hard.  I want to go go go and not stop.  I think part of that is my fear that is if I do slow down I won’t be able to start again.  I know this isn’t true and part of my spirit is always to keep going.  So that’s kind of the path that I will keep on for the time being.  Its fun that way.  Ohh and their is always the bonus of filling up the cube wall with bling.  I am going to need a new cube wall soon…..its starting to fill up !!! ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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