36 miles of fun in the Mountains.

I am in a different place than I once was when it comes to running.  I am stronger than I used to be I have learned from my failures and trained properly.


Ragnar Trail Snowmass 2016 happened this past weekend.  It was going to be interesting I knew that going into it.  We had another Ultra team from Colorado Obstacle Racers lose a person the night before the race.  Being the crazy person that I am, I volunteered to go run extra loops to help them out.


I started for my team at 10 am.  It was already hot out and for most people this is a factor that hits them hard when it comes to running a race.  I would much rather have it be hot than cold.  It was hot, I had my hand held water bottle that I was using and drained that two during the green and yellow loops.   On a positive note however I was killing the trails, I didn’t have anyone pass me, which for once in my life I was happy for that.  My first two loops I was averaging 11 min/miles going up hill and 9’s down hill.  This obviously shows me that I need to start working on hills.  I need to get working on hills more, obviously I hate them and it shows when it comes to racing.


I had to do these two loops again for another team a couple hours later, it was hotter.   The heat drains your energy pretty darn quick so I was thankful for the wind/breeze.   I knocked that out a little bit slower than I did my first two but wasn’t too bad considering it was the heat of the day.


I was thankful my second run for my team happened at night.   Before heading out for the run however Glenn and I had set in motion the opportunity for James Finch to run the green loop the next morning.  He was volunteering on the top of the red loop where I was heading.  We video taped the announcement and I was able to show him the video at the top of the red loop, it was my goal to hit that peak before he finished at 8 because I wanted to be able to show him.  He was most definitely surprised.  However James said something to me that I will never forget.   Upon showing him the video and of course taking a selfie, James goes you know the reason I am fighting as hard as I am is because of you.  You never give up and always fight no matter how sucky or hard the situation is.  You truly inspire others to realize that they could come back from anything and come back stronger.   Ok on this note I did end up crying after I took off running.   I never truly realized the impact that I may have on others.  I never realized people look to me for strength and motivation.  This touched my heart and I will never forget it.


Have I mentioned how much I love flying down trails at dusk going as fast as my little legs can take me?  It’s pretty awesome.   I never used to be able to do what I did this weekend.  Hell the first time I ran Ragnar trail I was slower than a herd of turtles through peanut butter.  But here I am now.  Stronger than I once was an able to run.


My final leg came early in the morning.  I can pretty much no sleep, as is typical of Ragnars but I needed it desparately.  The sun had drained a lot of my energy the day before and I was running on empty.   Lupus doesn’t like when you run on empty.   I headed out for my last two loops.   Yellow and Red.   Yellow kicked my ass over and over several times.  My body was done I couldn’t do it.  I have been struggling with my arms and legs going numb.  The doctors can’t tell me what it is or why, but whenever I work out for some reason I go numb.   Still trying to figure out why, but yeah that was part of me not being able to continue.  I am still beating myself up for not being able to finish the red loop and having to get help.  Do you realize how hard it is for me to ask for help?  Yeah I don’t like it one bit.  I see this as failure and the ability to not be able to do what I needed to do.  But thanks to some awesome teammates we still got it done.

I have to thank my teammates for being so awesome!  Jeff, Jason, and Carrie you three are pretty amazing and have that fight that I completely understand.


Another race in the books, it’s funny I keep telling myself I will never do that again.  But somehow I always manage to go back to signing up.  I must be addicted or something.


As another side note, yes I know I am scatterbrained, Colorado Obstacle Racers had over 100 runners participating in the event!!.  That’s a lot of runners! And its remarkable how much everyone was willing to help each other out.


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