What makes you passionate about your dreams?


I have been told multiple times that I have an incredible amount of drive and passion for everything I care about in  this world.   Yes, this is true, but shouldn’t we all be this way?  Shouldn’t we attack everything we want with a deep passion that most would think is crazy.  Shouldn’t we be passionate about the things that matter to us in life?   Shouldn’t we live life passionately?

I truly believe that if more people lived their lives this way, that the world would be a better place.  The world wouldn’t be so self consumed in their cell phones, but trying to live life to the fullest everyday.

So what makes you passionate?  What are you missing if you are not passionate?  These are questions that truly need answering.


For me there are a few things that make me passionate about everything I do: racing, work, and relationships.  I am passionate about those and give my all because of a few things:  my parents and lupus.  Giving your all in everything you do changes the game so much.   With racing, I may not be the one standing on the podium, I may never be, but I give it my all out there and for me that’s good enough.  For work, I love being a nerd, I love designing new and innovative equipment for space;  I may face challenges at work, but I am thick skinned it will only drive me to be better and stronger.   And with relationships, this is where I think you should truly be passionate and give it your all?  Why?  So that the other person knows you truly care.  Having that one person that truly cares with everything they have could make the world a better place for that one person, and in my opinion this the best reason to do that.


Let’s start with my parents.   My parents raised me to be the best I can be.   I look back and remember when I was in the lowest level of math for my grade, because I wasn’t learning the same way as the other kids and struggled.  I couldn’t do math.  It was hard because I would try so hard and yet failed constantly.   I had a math teacher my 6th grade year, Shannon Riggins.  I will never forget her, because she taught me how to learn math.  I almost have to thank being an engineer to her and my parents.  They wouldn’t let the fact that I was struggling be the reason I gave up on math.  The reason I didn’t want to succeed.  They both just encouraged me to push harder and try harder.   I am thankful that they all did that, because now I am an electrical engineer.   I don’t think I would be where I am in my career today without the drive that my parents instilled in me.   When things got tough or difficult, my parents taught me to try a different approach, think outside the box.   By thinking outside the box I was able to conquer whatever it was that was hard.   So to my parents I am thankful for being raised in a house where failure wasn’t an option.  I am thankful that they pushed me to test my limits.  I am thankful for them and what they did for me while growing up.


Secondly, lupus.   Some of you may think I am crazy for putting this down as something that would make me passionate but it truly is my other driving force. Lupus had knocked me down and was trying to kill me, literally.   I was in a dark place when I was first diagnosed with Lupus because I had stopped thinking outside the box.  I had stopped giving my all because I was so sick.   I didn’t think there were any other options because of what doctors had told me my prognosis was.   I just didn’t.   When you finally have others that encourage you to try something that the doctors once thought you couldn’t do is when you realize that yeah you really can do those things.  Was it painful? hell yes.  Was it hard?  hell yes.


Slowly but surely I got my confidence I once had back.  I was able to acheive things that the doctors told me would never be an option.    I ran a mile, then two, then a half marathon.   I completed multiple obstacle course races.   I ran multiple Ragnars.   Did the lupus fight back at times in protest?  Yes!  Did I listen?  Yeah not so much.    Every day for me is a battle against a disease that has no cure, and that I will always have.   There is always something new that is presented to me because of this disease and I will take that on head on and fight.


So why the post?  This weekend I am headed to Ottawa, Kansas to run a 50 miler.   Crazy.  I get goosebumps thinking about this.   Because 5 years ago, I never even dreamed of being an ultramarathon runner.   I never imagined that I could even attempt something like this. I never.   But now I know I can and I will.  I have trained smart and am ready as ever to take on this next step in my fitness journey.   Will it be hard?  Hell yes.  But it will be worth every step.  Because with every step I prove to myself that you are NOT defined by your chronic illness.  I will not be the disease I have or let it control my life ever again.

So what are you passionate about?  What drives you to be passionate?  Are you living your life with a passion that can’t be matched by others?  If not….what should you change?



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