Ninjas, Snakes, and Missing Goldfish…….


The best part about Ragnars is that I can join a random team, and have a lot of laughs as we run 200 miles from Wickenburg, AZ to Mesa, AZ.   Some people find it odd that I would join up with people I don’t even know and go run a race, an Ultra Ragnar.   There were six of us in the van.  Most of us this was the first time meeting, but instantaneously we became friends as we knew we had to go out and run a lot, and be stinky, and cranky, and tired in the same van for 34ish hours.

We were a little late to the start line so didn’t start at exactly the time we were supposed to but it was still fun.   I in customary form, had to do burpees at the start line.    They don’t call me burpee queen for nothing! While after doing my first 10 burpees, one of the Ragnar staff goes wait can you do that again I want to post it on social media…..sure why not.    In the social media post I got called crazy….imagine that.

I haven’t posted a blog about racing in awhile, in my down time since my last race last October, I have been focusing on my diet and training.   Things I never truly concentrated on just kind of went with it.   I have a focused training plan and diet that I am trying to stick to as best as I can, yes I still have cheat meals.   It happens.

Ashley took off on her run, out number one runner.   She unfortunately was attacked by ninjas and had to fight off a snake that smelled her blood and wanted to fight.  It happens the ninjas come out of no where as I would learn with my final two legs of the Ragnar.   The unicorns got her bandaged and gave her lucky unicorn poop and she kept on running.  (Trust me we aren’t crazy!)

First leg of Ragnar Del Sol…….I ran this one last year……so I have a decent comparison as to what I was and am now….. I took just about 30 minutes off my time from last year.   I finished 13.5 miles in 2 hrs and 10 minutes.  Something I NEVER thought possible.  I ran sub 9 minute miles for awhile during that stretch…….crazy that I even did that.   But this also proves that training is paying off. That the lupus still is in remission and won’t be winning anytime soon.  Ok side rant, this is huge for me in so many ways.   I ran into JC one of the guys who actually got me into running by making me do a Tough Mudder.  Go figure I love it now….. and am a hell of a lot better off than I was 5 years ago.


No I am not the fastest or strongest by any means.  But for me this whole racing is more about proving to my doctors that I can and to myself that I can do this.   There also comes the part that I am able to help motivate other people whom suffer from lupus.   It’s a very hard realization to hit after being diagnosed that your immune system is broken and you will have a rough life ahead.  The doctors paint a very dark picture of what your future will be like.  I was once there, didn’t have any one that truly understood what it was like besides my mom, whom has lupus as well.   I was angry and having a support group that would just understand makes the world of a difference.  So I have made it a point in my life to ensure that the women that read my blogs are motivated and know they have a friend that they can turn to.

As the day passed, everyone was doing amazing running strong and kept the laughs coming.  The whole enjoying the time you have out there is what is the most important thing.   I see this as not being a in it to win it thing.  Why should it be, I am not a high schooler in the prime of my running career, hell I didn’t even really run in high school.

Ragnars are about having fun and possibly helping someone along the way.  Such a broad spectrum of people go out and run these races, the fittest to the just getting started.   My perspective while being out running is to tell people “good job” or check on them if they look like they are struggling.   There was a woman on one of my runs, I never got her name, but looked completely defeated as to what she was doing.   I walked with her for a moment, encouraging her.   She told me this was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life and wasn’t sure if she could finish.   I reassured her that she took the first step to get here and was going to make it to the next exchange in her own time, and that is something to be proud of.  Little things like this is also why I race.  Helping those who are just starting off, because I was once that girl.  I was once the girl racing and crying because I physically was struggling to walk the course let alone run.  Words of encouragement from complete strangers do miracles when you don’t think you can do it.


Unfortunately my next two runs didn’t go quite as planned.   It happens and my shin is beyond angry still, but will do it again and get stronger knowing what I need to change.


Between the missing goldfish, may he rest in peace, and the crazy ninjas on the course it was an epic race.   It was the first of many this year.   The first of me being what others refer to as crazy.   All of this racing is currently in preparation for my next big event.   I signed up to run a 50 miler.   Craziness, yes I even admit that is the case, but why the hell not.  Why not prove that I can do this.   Five short years ago I couldn’t, so I am going to do what I love and run.


More blog posts to come on a regular basis since race season has now started 🙂





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