What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?


Recently some things have come to mind, this is jumble of a blog post but all has meaning, love it, like it, or hate it, but it speaks the truth.  This is very quote driven.  Quotes that I have stumbled across very recently

The effect you have on others is the most valuable thing you can own.   It’s not a fancy house, it’s not a fancy car.   It’s not the money you bring home.    The effect that your actions have on others is truly something you should take into account every day

Stop whining and complaining, you are only given ONE life, why waste your time doing this when you could be shooting for everything you ever wanted

If you want to be great at what you do, obsession is a necessity


Sometimes your history determines the fierceness with which you fight for the future

If you are number 1, continue to fight like you are number 2.

We live in a world where everyone is mostly concerned with themselves and not helping each other.    Mocking or ignoring that homeless person on the street corner, freezing and starving.   Making fun of someone who has tried so hard to work out but struggles getting there and not being mocked by someone who is always at the gym.  Let’s remember we have all started somewhere and at one point you were that person, struggling to work out, embarrassed by what you were able to achieve.

People criticize those standing on the street corner.   Saying that they don’t need the money but maybe they really do.    It’s not your right to judge those people.   It’s not right that you mock them. Maybe we should all be concerned with how to help these people.   Even if its a simple sweatshirt that you give them out of your car so they aren’t cold.   Or a couple dollars in cash so they could have a hot meal.    We shouldn’t be worried about how to judge them but how to help them get out of the situation they are in.

Life is precious.   You never know when your last day will be, our lives are a gift from God.    So why would you live your life complaining how terrible it is, when there is somewhere out there that is more than happy to have your bad day over theirs.    If all you do is complain and whine about how miserable you are, why don’t you do something to change it.  Take that first step and make some progress to something that will make you happy.   All it takes is that first step and you are on your way.   Complaining and whining is going to get you NO WHERE in your life.   Now don’t get me wrong I used to complain about being sick all the time, I hated it and was miserable, and depressed.  But I took that first step and signed up for a race I had no right doing, but did it anyway.   Now I don’t complain, I am thankful I was given the opportunity to help so many people by sharing the story of over coming a disease that was bound and determined to kill me, but it didn’t I am still here and stronger than ever.  What will it take for you to take that first step to happiness??

I get criticized often for posting about my workouts and achievements in the fitness world.   There is logic it to that, I have many people that follow my story so they will get up and go do something through the pain they are suffering through, knowing that I was once there.  I was once unable to even walk a mile without stopping because my body was screaming at me and telling me that it was the stupidest idea I have ever had.   The slightest encouragement to others may make a world of difference to them, once again referring back to my initial statement of helping others and how you want to be remembered.  Also comes into the fact that yes I am obsessed with my fitness goals.  I want to see what I am capable of and that drives me to try my hardest at everything I do.   So criticize me there but obsession for bettering myself is nothing to be ashamed of.

So often, and we are all guilty of this, we live in the past.   We live in the what if’s or what could I have done.   While you living in the past your life is passing you by, and referring back to the you don’t know when your last day will be so you might as well live in the moment. Living in the moment allows you to enjoy and experience everything that is standing right in front you.   The people that have come into your life out of the blue.  The opportunities that are presented to you that you may not necessarily see at first.  Enjoying what has been offered to you in this life is the best thing you can do in order to be able to enjoy every minute you have on this beautiful planet.

More on your history and past though.   It can’t be completely forgotten because your past has made you the person you are today.   The fight that you have in you now is determined by your past there is no denying that.   I wouldn’t be the person I am today, without the pain and suffering I went through for so many years.   I wouldn’t be the stubborn ass and hard headed woman I am today, had I not hit rock bottom and realized that I deserved to live my life fully.   Your past experiences teach you something, whether you realize what that may be or not, they  are there to teach you something and one day you may finally realize it and then the fire from within is finally ignited.

Last ramble, notice how these are all based on the quotes above.   Even when you achieve your goals and are number one at something, you can’t back off and stop the fight.  You must continue to fight like you are in second place.   You have to give it your all in everything you do.  Half assing something is not going to get you anywhere.

So finally I ask you how do you want to be remembered?  Do you want to be remembered as the person that complains about everything and anything?  Do you want to be remembered as the indiviudal that went out and gave their all to accomplish their goals?  Do you want to be remembered as the person that was always willing to help others?

These are questions you can only ask yourself!   Stop for ten minutes and think about that.  Think about how you are living the one life given to you.   Do you need to make changes?

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