2015: A Review to Remember

So 2015 is over, new goals have been made and the new year has begun.  However, I can’t forget all of 2015, as it has helped mold me into the stronger individual I am today.

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At the beginning of 2015 I had made the decision that I wasn’t going to race much in 2015, and lot of things happened which made me change that decision very quickly.   It started with David and Laura calling me late one night asking if I wanted to drive to Temecula and race.   Raced the beast out there and ran the fastest and felt the greatest I have ever felt.    I took almost three hours off my previous beast course from the year before, so that alone was one hell of a motivator.   At that time I may not have felt like I had physically improved but I had and that race proved that.

So season pass was purchased and the race signing up began.   I wanted to get more than one trifecta, but my main goal was to see how well I did at races.   I wanted to see and prove to myself only that I could actually be decent at this thing called Spartan Racing.  I wanted to see where I stood.   I had been doing crossfit for a few months at this point and training for a 50k and realized I had gotten stronger and faster.


May rolled around.   The Spartan Sprint at Ft Carson was there and the following day I would run a 50k in Cimarron, Colorado.   I had convinced several people from my CrossFit Box to go and run Ft Carson, told them it would be fun.   They were scheduled to run after my first lap so I planned running the second lap with them to make sure they were ok and didn’t want to kill me for making them sign up to go run a Spartan.    My foot had been bothering me but I hadn’t said anything to anyone so went out and ran the second lap anyway.     Little did I know that a few of them would fall in love with racing and be ready and willing to sign up for more races, and even getting their first trifecta.    Two laps done, a hail storm from hell running to the car with Heather, and on our way to Cimarron.    My toe nail was partially cracked at this point, gross yes I know but that’s what lead to the following situation.   I decided it would be ok if I just taped the crap out of it and ran the 50k.    Little did I know that by mile 26 or so, that my shoe would be filled with blood and I would have to take my first DNF.   See what was hard about this is that I was ready for the race, besides the toe nail, I was ready to finish.  Had my toe not hurt so bad and me not be able to walk, I would have pushed to the finish.   However, Heather talked some sense into me.   I decided I should be smart and save my race season.    I had to DNF.   Funny thing is when you get a DNF you learn, you grow, and you become stronger.   I realized that I needed to be smart about racing and take better care of myself so that I could do days back to back and be ok.  I had surgery on the foot the day I got back and was back to normal besides the huge bandage on my foot.


Montana was the following weekend.  The Montana Beast is no joke.    And I decided my toe was healed enough to race that race.   Yeah no so much.  Laura was hurt as well so we hobbled through that course.    That girl is my best friend and we put up with each other that whole course.    We were beat up but we didn’t give up, we made it through one of the harder beast that there are out there.  Was so lucky to be able to run that race with her.


The next biggest event for me was the Ragnar Trail, which I had decided to do an Ultra team.   My team consisted of Jeff, David, Heather, and myself.   It was a soggy race to say the least, it rained a lot and there was a lot of mud.    I felt good during the majority of this race, minus the wiping out on a switch back in the rain and mud.     It wasn’t terrible running that many miles and learned that I need to choose better shoes when its as muddy as it was.   I also learned that I should change my headlamp batteries before going out in the middle of the night.  Navigating trail in the dark with a cell phone light sucks, and can’t even explain how much of an issue it was because I couldn’t see much and it was a technical trail, so headlamp batteries will be refreshed before every night run.   Lesson learned.


Hawaii, did I mention I got to fly to Hawaii and run a trifecta in a weekend?!?!?!   The thing about Hawaii, I had this brilliant idea that I should run Elite heat to get a taste for what its like.   This would be the first time I ran alone, first time I had to tackle some of the obstacles myself.   It’s funny, that when you don’t have help, you have to try and see what you can do alone.  Go figure some of the obstacles I never thought I could do alone, I did alone with ease.   The Z wall, the rig, the walls.   I had always relyed on someone else.   At the end of the race I felt amazing, I raced a sprint the fastest I have ever raced and placed top 15 out of over 50 women……  You don’t know how much that meant to me, and the journey I have had.  The fact that I have had so many people tell me that I am not good enough or in shape enough.    Carrie and I ran the super following that and the next day the Beast.   Hawaii was an amazing experience, to not only run a trifecta in a weekend, attend a Luau, sit on a beach and enjoy.


After Hawaii, I decided to run another Ragnar Ultra.    Why do I torture myself in such ways? Because I love the challenge.   This was a rough one my hip was not happy with me and we had a lot of miles to run.    Of course I chose the hardest legs because that’s what I do, that’s me.   I had some break down points because I wasn’t able to run as fast as I would have liked to, and I was disappointed in myself.   I am thankful for amazing teammates like Laura, Josh,and Jeff that helped me get through this whole thing.    Jeff even stepped up and ran the last 10 miles with me, which trust me if he hadn’t done that I may still be out there, in my own head and not able to get through that ten miles of not so fun.


Last race of the season for me was Dallas.   Alicia and I decided we would do two days of beasts back to back.   Why not right?  We drove down there might as well 🙂   Saturday would be open heat and have fun and then Sunday we would run Elite heat.    Saturday part of the course was closed due to rain, so it wasn’t that bad and we were optimistic about Sunday.   Then Sunday they opened the part of the course that was closed on Saturday, and it turned into the muddiest, most miserable day ever.   That part of the course added 7 miles and it was solid mud.  That girl and I stuck together which made it better than having to go through that alone and we decided yeah that sucked beyond words but was quite the learning experience.


The final big bang of the year was a 24 hour crossfit competition.  That’s right working out for 24 hours straight.   I had an amazing team and we stayed strong for 24 hours, we all had our down points but we ended up placing 4th in the world.   Which is a lot to say and am proud I was able to be part of that.


I didn’t talk about all my races here, I don’t need to I usually post, but these were my highlights of the year.   The ones that stood out to me the most.   I finished the season with 4 trifectas (15 spartan races), 4 ragnars( two of which are ultras), a DNF 50k, a couple half marathons, some 5k’s, some 10k’s, and some 15k’s, and placing 4th in the world for the 24hr AMRAP.   I raced  a lot, learned a lot, met a lot of amazing people.   This has to be the best race season of the year.

Next year will be even more epic, the training has become, life changes have been made.   There will be even more memories made this coming year.

I have goals, lots of them that I am going to achieve this year.   I have people who doubt what I have set as my goals, but I will get there.  I have lupus, but with every passing year it has effected me less and less.  Oh wait did I mention I hit remission this year?!?!?   Something that I never thought I would be able to achieve in my life.   I never thought I could get to the point where I was healthy again, but here I am kicking lupus’s ass daily.   Its just proof that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it, just takes a ton of heart, motivation, and don’t give the fuck up attitude.


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