I Met You For A Reason



People will always come and go out of your life.   Not always easy to determine the why that is surrounded by it, but there is a reason.    However this also a reason that person was brought into your life.   You met them for a reason whether it be good or bad, there is a underlying reason why that person needed to be brought into your life.

I have met many people in my journey from being basically on my death bed to turning it around and now being able to help others, and be healthy again.  Now on that note not every person that I have met have had a positive result in our meeting.   There have been bad.   The bad have taught me to be stronger.   The bad have taught me that not every person truly means well with their actions.   The bad has taught me that the one that pours the heart and soul into a friendship or relationship, will be the one that feels the hurt more, but will recover quicker in the long run.

In college I was alone and sick, so very sick.   If it weren’t for Nikki and Kristy, I probably wouldn’t be around today.   They saved me and got me to the hospital so many times.   They are both amazing individuals and am thankful to have them in my life today.   They saw me at my worst and are still around and my best friends.

I have met so many amazing people in my life and journey to healthiness.    The first on my journey has to be Nikki and Sean Davis.    I was convinced to run a tough mudder by a co worker, JC, who said it would be a good idea. (keep in mind I couldn’t run a mile without stopping to walk and that was beyond embarrassing to me).   Sean and Nikki Davis encouraged me when all I wanted to do was quit.   Encouraged me when every other individual in the gym was lapping me in a work out and I was struggling through the pain to get through one round.   Nikki also taught me to love burpees.

The next two I need to call out are David and Laura.  Both of these two are amazing and have helped me realize that I shouldn’t be embarrassed by the fact that I have an autoimmune disease that basically wants to kill me every single day.   They taught me to be more of a fighter and pushed my limits and beyond on more than one occasion.

I have COR, my race family as well.  All of you are amazing and not sure what I would do without every single one of you.   You may not realize but so many of you have touched my life in one way or another and for that I am beyond thankful.

So I ask you this.   Think back about all the people that have come and gone in your life.  They were all here for a reason, whether that be a blessing or a lesson.  You just have to realize which one it is, and keep moving forward to greater and bigger things.   It’s not always easy to let the bad ones go, especially if you care, but sometimes you have to burn that bridge in order to build new ones that get you to new beginnings.


I know I didn’t name every person that has touched my life and my journey but the point of this was to get everyone who follows my blog , to get thinking.



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