How do you get your confidence?


Confidence is defined by Webster dictionary as belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance.

So comes the question, do you believe in yourself?  Do you know that you can do these things you are attempting or are you venturing into a dark area in which you don’t know.

Confidence is something that I am sure EVERYONE has struggled with at one point in their lives.   I am sure at some point you doubted what you were capable of doing and if you were going to be able to do what you put your mind to and succeed.

Confidence can be burnt by words, by failure, by ourselves.    It can easily be destroyed by a single individual saying “oh you can’t do that”.  Or could that phrase light a fire under your ass and get you going.

Confidence, for me, hasn’t always been there.    When at my sickest, looking my sickest, I had no confidence in who I was or as a beautiful person.   I felt ugly, tired, and sick.   I didn’t show any confidence what so ever, because of the pictures I took, and how I looked.   I didn’t feel that I could physically do anything, because I was always tired.   My doctors continued to tell me to get used to living your life that way.   Kind of brutal but I believed them at that point in time.

I honestly can’t say I know the point in my life, besides the end of Tough Mudder, when i said I couldn’t do what I was doing anymore.  I couldn’t drink until I couldn’t feel the pain.  I was wasting my life away.

Upon making this decision, it’s amazing how confidence will begin to shine through, even though dim as can be and barely flickering.   I finally at that point realized I needed to live and believe in myself.    And that is when my confidence started to grow.


I didn’t have all the answers.  I didn’t fully understand what I was going through in my life, but knew I didn’t want to be miserable anymore.

The biggest contributor to my confidence was and still is surrounding myself with great people, who will support you through your triumphs and failures as well.   These people are who will pick you up when you are down, and congratulate you when you succeed.

Using the confidence that I have gained throughout the years, I have now been able to do things I never thought I would be able to.   Hell I used to barely be able to run a mile, I couldn’t do it without stopping and walking.    Now I just recently signed up to run 50 miles, 50 times the distance I once struggled to do.

Confidence has been a big contributor to this.  You can see it in my face in my pictures from the past to the present.   You can see it in how I am now able to help and encourage others.

So remember this, no matter what you are going through, or troubles that you may have,  be confident and rely on those friends that you have in your life.  Remember that you don’t have to go through this alone.   There are people who are always out there willing to help get you through the hardest times.

I know I couldn’t have gained a single bit of my confidence if I didn’t rely on the people that mean the most to me in my life.   I know that my success have helped but so have my failures.




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