End to a Great Race Season


As 2015 race season ends, I felt it necessary to look back at this year.   With that helping me plan for the next year to come.  Because we all know I am not going to stop anytime soon, maybe when I am dead.

A little history, last year I struggled, almost died, and completed a trifecta.  It seriously took everything I was at that time to finish and not die, or feel like death.  I hated that I was one of the slowest people on the course.  I hated that physically I couldn’t do some things.   It’s the races I compete in that make me realize I need to work harder.

This past year has been amazing.   I started Crossfit at the end of last year, and that and my dedication to training has changed me as a “runner” or “athlete”.  Why the quotes?  I don’t consider myself either of those.  I consider myself Cassidy, who does this to survive and kick lupus’s ass every single day.   I fight my daily battle, even while I am in remission.

I originally at the beginning of the year didn’t plan on racing much was just going to work out, a lot.   Thanks to Laura and David, I was convinced I needed a season pass after they convinced me an hour before they left for Temecula to go to Temecula and race.   I still am apparently the one every turns to when they randomly need an extra person to go and race, because I struggle with that “No” word.

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Season pass, that means I race a lot.  Why not might as well get the most out of it.  Race a lot I did.   Had a lot of firsts, and failures, my first DNF.   The DNF was needed, it hurt, I cried, I was very angry.   I had trained so hard for that race and to have my damn toe nail break and poke through the side of my toe took me out, a damn toe nail.   Any ways, that DNF made me stronger, and a better person.   I realized that I am bound to fail, but not give up.  I will continue to go out and keep attempting.    My second DNF would be the grind pt test a few weeks ago.   I was feeling great going into it, and then my hip and IT band decided nope.   I couldn’t feel my leg and everything hurt after the first run.   When David and Laura pulled me for saftey reasons, I was mad and angry.  I had failed yet again, but failure makes you grow.

Since then I am now able to maintain a solid 9 1/2 minute pace while running without weight.  I also am able to maintain about an 11 minute pace with my ruck.  Grind PT test I am going to get you in a few weeks.   It’s quite amazing what failing will do to you.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to maintain that pace.  NEVER.

By the end of the race season here in a few weeks, I will have completed 4 trifectas.  Kind of crazy to think that I went from barely being able to do one, to achieving 4.    I did a lot of Ragnars, my other passion.    Two as ultra teams.

Who would have thought the girl, who when I started couldn’t even run a mile.   I had to walk a lot.    Amanda walked up to me at the Hot Chocolate this past week and said something very profound to me.  She said “Cassidy I remember when you first started working out and I was the one encouraging you to run a mile, while we trained for Tough Mudder.  Now look at how far you have come, it’s amazing!!”   That made my day, and made me realize that even though I have a chronic illness I am not giving up.

2016 is coming up.  I have goals and things I want to achieve.    I hate failure so everything I do will be to prevent failure.

1) Not die
2) 50k
3) 50 miler
4) Coin for Elites, which requires me to not be a sissy lala and actually run elites
5) MYSTERY goal
6) law school survival
7) GoRuck Challenge
8) Battan Death March Heavy
9) Crossfit Competition
10) climb that damn rope………..
11) and not die

I am not ready to share my mystery goal.  I know what it is and very close and dear friends know what it is, but not ready to share it as not going to lie, this goal scares the shit out of me.   I get in my head and yep scares me.

As silly as it may seem I really just want to achieve this list.   Even if its only one or two, I don’t care I just want to see what I am capable of next year.

Thanks for reading my rambling 🙂 and do this.   Go home or where ever you may be and write down what you want to achieve for 2016.

Training has started already, we shall see what 2016 brings.  download



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