Do We Really Need A Month to Start Raising Awareness??



The whole reason I started my blog and sharing my story was to help others and raise awareness for Lupus and other autoimmune diseases.  Having a chronic illness will do several things to you.

I have lost my hair, my motivation, my vision, my ability to walk, my ability to be normal, and friends.   I think the hardest thing about having a chronic illness is that not many understand or want to understand what you are going through, it scares them.  Hell it scared me when I was diagnosed.   I was petrified because I knew what lupus was, my mom has it.  Losing friends and those you care about due to this was probably one of the hardest things to deal with.   During your sick time you need those friends, family, and support in order to be able to make it through.

I had previously lost my motivation.   I didn’t want to do anything and did the bare minimum to get by.   The minimal requirement to be functioning.  The bare minimum to be social.   The least amount of effort possible because I had no effort in me.

I lost my vision temporarily when my retina detached, but am pretty blind now.   I kid about it but seriously hate the fact that I am blind as a bat without my contacts or glasses.

My ability to be normal.  It’s hard for me to describe this from my perspective when I was super sick.  I lived in pain EVERYDAY.  It hasn’t been till recently that I knew was it was like to not hurt every day.   How it feels to have everything including your hair hurt.  On a side note I have ridiculously high pain tolerance now.

Because the drugs they give you for lupus are basically chemotherapy, I lost all my hair.   Not easy to lose all your hair when you feel and look ugly to begin with.   I was looking back at pictures and its hard for me to look at that, because I looked so sickly.

Then there is the other hand, what lupus has gained me.   I have gained lifelong friendships, strength, stubbornness, determination, a don’t quit attitude, heart, and love.    This journey started out pretty rough, very bumpy, and definitely not pretty.   But as the journey progressed, I have discovered many things about myself.  I was given this for a reason.   I need to help others.   I have gained strength, its amazing what you are willing to try when someone tells you that “you can’t do that you have lupus”.   I have gained my stubbornness which part of the strength but don’t mess with me trying to achieve a goal.  I am determined to beat this disease.  I am determined to show it that I am the boss, and have been successful so far, but the battle never ends and I will continue the fight.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month yes, but it is also lupus awareness month (depending on who you talk to), but do we really need a month to raise awareness?   I am beyond thankful that I am now in remission and have worked very hard to get to where I am at now.   I changed my diet and lifestyle.   I changed a lot in my life so that I could enjoy my life once again.


I want awareness to be raised about the less common diseases such as Lupus.   I want research to be done so we could work towards a cure or medicine that isn’t so toxic to the patient.  I want solutions.  I want to help those that are suffering.   I want those that are in pain everyday to not be in pain ever again.   I want people to understand instead of running away from the diagnosis (don’t worry you can’t catch lupus from me 😉 ).

So many things I would love to have for those diagnosed.   One step at a time and sharing my story is only the beginning.


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