June Fun Times…..I raced A lot…..


So my delay in posting was end of May and June…..I went to Jamaica for my brother’s wedding, raced every weekend in June, and then moved in between all of that as well.

Jamaica was awesome, everyone definitely needs to go down there once in their life.  And try the rum and the coffee!

First race up on the block for the month of June was Ragnar Trail Ultra.   I chose to run on an ultra team because I felt the need to be able to push myself a little bit more than I have ever before. It was a very rainy race to say the least.   Running that many miles your feet are bound to swell.  I made the poor decision to wear my road altras……and wiped out coming down some switch backs…..it was fun and I was covered in mud!  In total that race was great and I proved to myself that I was able to maintain that many miles.  (Hence the reason I am training for my next 50k, which I will finish)

Next up on my races for the month was Breckenridge Beast and Sprint.  This race meant a lot to me since I was chosen by Spartan to share my story of overcoming lupus and race with an awesome group of ladies, the Spartan Queens.  We wanted to help and empower women all around the country that just because we are women doesn’t mean we can’t go out and get dirty and race too.  This was an awesome experience and met some amazing women that i not only raced with but will be my friends for a long time!   At the finish line, Lacey, Carrie, and I found out that by the time we finished we would be unable to race the beast.  That was hard to swallow because we all wanted to go out there and race.    However, as we were getting ready to go back for final interviews, Eddie, Lacey’s boyfriend, proposed to her at the finish line!  It was a memorable experience that I will never forget and am so happy for Lacey and Eddie.

The rest of the month was filled with a Ragnar in Wastach and another race in Utah the Super.    In Utah I finished my double trifecta.  I was pretty proud of this and what I have been able to accomplish.


I know this isn’t as in depth as my posts usually are.  But I am working on another here in a few that will explain things a little better.

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