Big Sky Country

It seems as though every weekend I am traveling somewhere to go and race.  The whirlwind of a trip to another state to go and run.  Hey its what I do and plus I get to see the country while doing what I love, how much better can that get?

This past weekend we traveled to Kalispell, Montana.  Ok for those of you who have never made it to Montana, I suggest you go!  That place is simply amazing and gorgeous, yes I love Colorado but there is something about Montana that is just so breath taking!

This past weekend was a Spartan Beast.    Last year at the same location, they had a sprint there so I vaguely knew what to expect.  Well boy did I ever have some surprises in  store for me!

We started at 8 am, it was cold, my fingers were turning blue.  That’s always awesome when that starts happening.  Borrowed some gloves and was able to start.  I wasn’t going to wear layers since I knew it was going to warm up and they would only get in my way.

The COR peoples started off slow.  I was still dealing with the fact that the doctor had dug out part of my toe nail out the side of my toe and it was hurting the ankle was swollen.  Yes i know I probably shouldn’t have been racing but hey it was Montana how could I not go and race there and i needed the beast for my triple possibly quadruple trifectas.

Norm designed this course and we knew that going in.   I just didn’t know what to expect.   Well we had hills and lots of them up the hill down the hill and repeat that about a million times, but you know what it was still awesome.  Laura and I stuck together for this race.  She is my best friend and support and this was actually the first time that I was able to race with her!  We had a blast chatted and kept each other going.  See we were both hurt and trying to make it through a Norm Spartan Race, always fun! Right……

We knew we weren’t going to be the fastest out there, hell we were hurt how were we going to.  But we knew we were going to finish no matter what.   Lots of logs and lots of hills.   Our bodies angry at us for pushing ourselves beyond the comfort zone, but we did it.   We didn’t quit, complained minimally.

And the best part was that we were able to help each other through one of the hardest Spartan races I have yet to do.  After listening to people after the race, people were comparing it to the Vermont Beast.  That’s truly one of the hardest courses out there.  So to be able to cross the finish line with my best friend was worth every minute!

Yes I know I could have gone faster had I not been hurt but it is what it is.   I finished and for that I am proud of what i was able to achieve.  I know I will go back next year to annihilate my time and go faster.

I have a few weeks off to recover now, Ragnar Ultra Trail up next.  This should be a lot of running too………I never slow down, its how I want to live my life.  I don’t ever want to be back to the old me, she is long gone and never coming back.

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