Ragnar Trail Snowmass, CO

June 6 and 7th was awesome race weekend.  I am embarked on trails at the base of beautiful Snowmass Mountain ready to run some trails.  Living in Colorado my whole life I have been blessed with some beautiful sights, and Snowmass is one of the many just out my back door ( well sort of).  Ragnar Trail is an entirely different breed of racing, where for 24 hours you are racing constantly with your team of 8 people.  I had an awesome team consisting of co workers and new friends that I made! Team Chasing Trail started at 3 pm on Friday, being runner 4 I hit my 3.5 mile trail about 5 pm.  This course took off west and to some awesome views of the mountains and the beautiful golf course we were next to.  With some awesome switchbacks up the mountain and then an awesome run back down, the green loop was an awesome start to my epic race weekend.   Second up at midnight, no less, was the beast of them all the 6.8 mile red loop.   The first three miles are straight up to the ridge of the mountain over looking base camp.  You gained approximately 1,500 feet in that 3 miles so straight up and a killer leg work out.  Once I reached the top of the mountain I took a moment to turn off the headlamp I was running with and look at the amazing sky.   Its beautiful to look at all the stars with no light polution to get in the way.   Turned the headlamp back on and I was down the mountain.  The awesome thing about the red loop, is that if you looked to your right it was a black abyss.  Thats because the trail dropped off and was the speed route back to camp.  Definitely didn’t want that to happen.  The run was amazing and peaceful.  Running at night with just a headlamp listening to your breathing and pace is an experience every runner should partake in!  The downhill had to  be the best, with the switch backs and quick pace.  The trails were so well maintained that I didn’t have to worry about too much while running at night.  Now we know Colorado gets cold at night but after the awesome red loop, it took a lot to stay warm.  So instead of sleeping, who needs sleep anyway, I hung out and chatted with people by the bon fire.  Its not an awesome camping/ running experience unless you smell like campfire smoke!  While hanging out at the the bonfire I chatted up with some people and met some amazing people who came from far and wide to run in Colorado.  We truly do have to think about that sometimes though, we live in a beautiful state that has some much to offer to us, that some people never take advantage of.   By not sleeping I was able to watch a beautiful sunrise over the mountains, as I prepared for my final leg of Ragnar Trail.  My final leg was the yellow loop, a 4.5 mile loop with a grouse as an obstacle.  This mama grouse was located right as you made the ascent to the highest point of the trail.  And let me tell you mama grouse was one angry bird, as I am guessing she was protecting her youngins.   After a slight stare down I decided to charge the grouse, bad idea.   I was then chased by the grouse but escaped unscathed.  Who knew I would have an obstacle in my race 😉 Running this loop in early morning was awesome, the sights of base camp and the mountains and the sun rising all added to a wonderful experience.  Finishing my last run in decent time made it all worth while.   The energy and people at these races are awesome.  No matter who is coming in for their run, everyone is cheering them on.  There is something about the camaraderie at races like Ragnar that make you want to do more.  Well not to mention I may have found my addiction.  I definitely plan on running this race every year until my legs don’t work anymore, even if I have to walk it.  Image Image#lupImageImagelImage

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