It’s All About Confidence

This past weekend I traveled to Sin City, not to gamble or party it up, but to race.  As many of you know this is one of my favorite activities by far.

Leaving Colorado was an interesting adventure because it was snowing like crazy.   I traveled with Michael, Elizabeth, and Bryce.   Needless to say we have a blast traveling since we rely on Bryce to lead us in a karokee session.   Even though we were going 20mph for a good chunk of the drive, tiime flew by quickly.   Traveling at night isn’t always easy but we all make sure the job gets done and are able to make it to our location over night.

Getting there on Friday, we were able to rub it into our friends back in Colorado that we were able to hang out by the pool and enjoy the sun.  Worked on our tan and enjoyed the afternoon relaxing with friends.

Off to bed early, because we knew that 5 am would get here before we knew it.  And that it did.  The venue was a 30 minute drive from our hotel off the strip.

As a racer, its not always easy to decide what to wear.  That sounds kind of wrong.   I have recently embraced who I am and decided to start racing in a sports bra and shorts.   Yes I am not a size 0 by any means but I have come to accept who I am and if people want to judge me for it I am more than ok that they can say what they want to say.

One of the biggest problems I see in the world today with younger women is that they lack self confidence in who they no matter the shape or size.  That is because society has driven into the brains of the young people that you have to be deathly skinny and look starved in order to be pretty.  Well they are far from correct on this one.  I have come to realize after much self deliberation that you know what if I want to rock a sports bra and shorts and race, I am going to.    This was my side rant I needed to be get out.  Women should be proud of who they are and the simple fact that they are out there racing!  Rock your bodies ladies!

Vegas is infamous for the heat.  Knowing this as a racer I came prepared and carried my own camel back.  Yes, this race was going to be around 10 miles, but its important to stay hydrated.  Yes volunteers will do the best they  can to strategically put water stations, but knowing the heat index and providing for yourself is essential.   I carried my camelback and own fuel for the race.

This race was different than most Spartan races, it was a runners course.  The little runner is me was thrilled, after training for a 50k these past few months, I love that Spartan changed it up and threw a curve ball.  This hurt a lot of people, not everyone is a runner or enjoys it.  But when you cross train and not just work on strength it will help you.   Many people complained about the fact that this was a runners course and that the obstacles were packed together.  Well you know what?  If Spartan did the same thing EVERY single time, then it would get boring.  This was a new challenge issued by Spartan saying hey try this on for size.   So yes you may not have liked like the course but did you step up to the challenge??

The first mile was a up hill single track climb, I started having flashbacks of the Utah Beast last year.  But I rocked the uphills while Jennifer Roberts and I chatted about life.  What goes up must come down, and I was ok with that.  Down hills are my jam!! Despite the loose rocks and terrain, I decided to run my way down the hill to the memorization obstacle.   Now I know many people are going to get upset when I say this but its a memorization obstacle….not a let’s write it down obstacle.  In my mind that defeats the purpose, so be mad at me for saying this is you please.   In my mind part of the memorization obstacle is being able to remember the code, even after multiple obstacles.  It’s a mental game challenge.  Writing it down removes that mental challenge.

A couple obstacles later we hit the sand bag carry.   Last time in Arizona I was able to full on run with with the women’s sand bag, so this time I opted to carry the men’s and did just fine.   It’s awesome being able to witness how much stronger I am getting by running and crossfitting on a daily basis.

Along the course and throughout the rest of the miles,  I continued to run with Glenn, Michael, Heather, James, and Jennifer.  Being a member of the Colorado Obstacle Racers, we are always willing to help out fellow racers.  That’s what  Spartan is really about.   Or others helping you.

Bucket brigade hurt like no other, since dislocating my ribs a few weeks prior.   Apparently they are still sore, and it was quite obvious on this obstacle.   I had many people offer to help me, but being stubborn and who I am that sure as hell wasn’t going to happen.   Heather checked on me after the carry and we decided to walk it off.  Which was fine by me.

The rest of the course was scattered with obstacles and running.   When we reached closer to the festival area we hit the obstacles, that inevitably I do burpees on.   Still need to work on these two obstacles!! Rope climb and spear throw.  On a positive note I made it further up the rope but not to the top.  Spear throw was uphill, bravo Spartan another challenge.   Burpees on both.

Finishing the race was rewarding I needed shade and food and water.   But I finished faster than I had finished the Super last year, by about 2 hours.   So yes I am improving my athletic abilities.  Yes I am adapting to challenges presented by the specific course, and no I am not going to complain and give up.   STFU!

Oh and on a side note I got trifecta NUMBER ONE of the season!! 🙂

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  • I love you Cassidy. .so proud you are healthy..happy ..and enjoying life instead of sick

    1 Elizabeth jameson said this (April 22, 2015 at 1:28 am) Reply

    • thanks mom!! I love it too, so happier to be living this way!

      2 lupuscombat said this (April 22, 2015 at 2:10 pm) Reply

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