Why I Crossfit….and trust me I am just realizing this…..



I love to exercise and race.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love it with all that I am.   I go and sign up for 20+ Spartan races, sometimes doing multiple laps in one day….because to me that’s my definition of fun.   I signed up for a 50k this, that’s right that’s 31.06 miles.   Kind of hard to believe I was willing to and wanted to do this, because of where I have come from and the struggles I have faced.  But guess what I am going to do and say screw you lupus, you don’t control my life.  Ahhh the lupus, used to control me, but never again and no more.

In order to be successful and not feel like death after races, individuals need to work out.  You have to train and run.   You can’t go out for a race and expect to not feel like you got hit by a semi truck.

In order to step up my training and get stronger I chose to try Crossfit.  I have been running and doing body weight exercises for the past three years, but needed something more to step up my performance and get stronger.  After just a few weeks of Crossfit I loved it, I could see what I needed to work on in order to get stronger.

I am not one of your typical Crossfit person, from what I gather listening to people at my box tell me I am crazy, is that cardio sucks and is hard.  However, I work out twice a day except my rest days.  Ohhh a note on rest days, I learned I need them, its ok to not work out every single day of the week, and am actually making improvements by taking those days off.

Going into Crossfit, I discovered that there were muscles that needed to be strengthed and trained because they were weak and not performing properly.   This was discovered on air squats, no weight.  My knees would turn in horribly, almost contortionist like.   I never knew this, no one ever had said hey you need to work on squats.  I had my running filmed and go figure I was basically running with my knees turning in as well.  That could explain the IT issues that I have had.  So in the beginning part of my Crossfit journey, I wore a band around my knees constantly.  This band around my knees forced me to drive them out like they should have been in the first place.   I seriously thought about this long and hard every time I was doing squats.  And no it wasn’t with weight.  I didn’t feel comfortable or the coaches wouldn’t let me increase my weight on the barbell until my knees were better.  Why?  Because they aren’t there just to make you lift heavy.  They are there to make you stronger and use proper form so you won’t get hurt.  Kind of not what most people believe, but hey some people like living in a dream land.

Now I am three months in and can see the differences every single day.  I am getting stronger in all aspects of my life.  My running has improved drastically.   I can run and not have any muscle issues.   That is something completely new and foreign to me and I like it.   These past three months, this is all that I have changed.   I have maintained my Paleo diet and my running has increased drastically, but the newest addition to the work scheme is Crossfit.  So yes, I believe Crossfit has made me a stronger individual all around.  I am excited to see where my strength and abilities can go.

Let’s show you some examples of how it has improved my life.  At the end of January I traveled to California to run a Spartan Beast.   History lesson….. Last year I ran my first Spartan Beast and it took me almost 8 hours.  There was a lot of pain, crying, and frustration with my body.   I battle lupus every single time I step out on the race course, and this day seemed to be worse than most.  But I didn’t give up, I pushed on and crossed the finish line, after an epic tumble after the fire jump.  (Hey I just wanted to practice my tumbling routine, you never know when you may need that).  Flash forward to January.   So much was running through my head about this race.  Was it going to be the same, was it going to be a struggle.  HECK NO!  I crossed the finish line in just over 5 hours……that’s right boys and girls an almost three hour difference!! Holy moly guacamole is right!   It’s improved me, and now I can’t wait to race the Spartan Super in Vegas this April.  And many others after that.  Because I know that I will be able to race and feel great.

No I am not going to stop Crossfit or my racing anytime soon.  I love it and I love the fact that it has brought so many great people into my life, not only at the box but racing as well.

So yes, I Crossfit, yes I run races, and yes I am healthy.   So many people with Lupus and RA, can’t even dream of what I am doing, hell I was there at one point in my life too.   So yes, I want to show those people especially that you can do it.  Yes, its going to be a fight and an all out war, but you can do it!!! 🙂


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  • Hey there, I just happened to stumble upon your website and I am truly impressed! I am going through the process of a more than likely lupus diagnosis after they found I have a mysterious fracture in my vertebrae as well as a lot of other deteriorating things (basically I’m 29 with the back of a 80 year old). I have always been an athlete and I have taken a break from mma fighting and crossfit with all these injuries. Can you give me advice on how you recover from workouts and avoid injuries. I miss working out and swimming is getting old fast (well that and its more like trying not to drown!)

    1 Ashley said this (November 6, 2016 at 1:10 am) Reply

    • I am so sorry for the delay!! I had heart surgery and have been out of the loop on my blog for some time. I use essential oils to help me recovery and natural supplements. It’s amazing how much they have helped me!!! I can go into more detail if you would like! Email me cassidybowie@gmail.com or I am on Facebook too under Cassidy Bowie! Would love to chat with you and give you some tips and tricks as to how you kick lupus’s ass !! 🙂

      2 lupuscombat said this (December 30, 2016 at 4:58 pm) Reply

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