Love me or Hate me………


So I know I post a lot about my working out, crossfit, running, or races.   I have a reason behind I post what I post.  I AM DAMN PROUD OF WHERE I AM.  Not everyone truly understands where I came from being sick every single day.  When getting up to walk to the kitchen was a workout and I was ready for bed.  At that point in my life, I never once imagined what I have been able to do now.  I was living a dark horrible life.

So I got into working out.   It was extremely painful at first.  It was a battle to make sure I could get through a modified workout, let alone do what was actually told.   I couldn’t even run a mile without having to stop and walk a good chunk of it.   I wasn’t in shape, I wasn’t healthy.   But I knew that I needed to do this so that I could live my life and enjoy it going forward.  I couldn’t live my life sitting on the couch in pain everyday.   That’s not what I wanted to do.

It started with some OCRs and road races, and I realized the more that I worked out the better I felt.  I started working out regularly, even though I may have been tired or it had been a bad day.   I started running more, and was getting better at it. Changing my eating habits was the best decision I have made.  Why you may ask?  Oh because now thanks to working out and eating right, I am off almost the 30+ medications that I was once on.   That has to speak bounds? That just by eating right and working out, I am a million times better than the toxic medicines they were giving me.

I don’t care what it is but as long as I work out, I feel better, end of story.

Many people HATE crossfit.   They say “it’s a cult”.  Its not good for you.  You are going to get hurt.   Well of course you are going to get hurt if you are not properly trained or doing the moves correctly.  That’s common sense people.   However, the box that I have found is extremely critical about your moves and if you are doing something wrong, you are stopped dead in your tracks.  For example, my knees obviously were bad when I started crossfit.   Every time I was squatting my knees were turning inward.   I didn’t know this until it was pointed out to me.   Go figure, I was doing it while running too.   In order to improve my knee strength, I was required to have a band across my knees, with little to no weight every time I squatted.  This forced me to focus on my form and retrain my knees to move the proper way in a squat.   Any time I failed to do this, I was told that I needed to improve it.    Go figure, I have been at crossfit, for we will call it three months.   My knees are significantly better, and I have improved drastically.   Yes, I am getting stronger, but you see I don’t only do crossfit, I run A LOT as well.   This cross between strength training and cardio, has drastically improved my over all health.

So yes, I am going to post about my strides in the open workouts.   Or how much faster and steadily I can make it on a run.   Like I said “Love me or hate me”.  I know that I was to rejoice and scream about how happy I am that I can do these things.   I am sorry if this offends you, oh wait why should I be sorry for something I am proud of?

So I am going to post away about the things I love, the life I love, the me I want to be.  NEVER to return to life of not being able to enjoy it.


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