Why I Decided Not to Race……….

Sunday morning was a hard decision for me, you see I was supposed to run a half marathon.  But inevitably in my life there are always speed bumps and hurdles.   Recently I have been struggling with my Raynaud’s.  Raynaud’s is a disease that causes areas of your body to feel numb and cold in response to cold or stress.  The smaller arteries that supply blood to your limbs narrow, basically cutting off the circulation to the affected area.   My fingers have been turning purple a lot more and have been extremely painful.   Knowing how cold it was going to be I knew that I would be in pain from my Raynaud’s not from running.

Physically, besides my damn fingers, I was more than ready to run the race.   I wanted to run the race.   But I knew it would end up extremely painful and dangerous in the temperatures.   This weekend I was having to wear gloves inside my house, which sits at a comfortable 67 degrees.   My hand were turning purple at that temperature.   I knew the cold outside wouldn’t be good.

So as hard as it was for me to make a decision, that was smart.  I decided not to race.   I missed out.   But the bright side of things, I had two amazing ladies who dedicated their runs to me.   Not going to lie, I definitely cried about that.

First up my twin, Katy Solt.  No she isn’t my actual twin, but its a long story dating back to high school!  Anyway.    Katy had a 10 mile race that day.  As many of you know we have been doing snow burpees to raise awareness for lupus.   Well this girl took it ten steps further.   Katy had on a special shirt saying she was running for me and Lupus awareness.   That girl killed the course and finished with a smile on her face!  I am so proud and honored to have an amazing friend like her.   She is a rockstar and amazing mother!

Next up my buddy Ruth.  Ruth knows what its like to have a body that is basically trying to kill you everyday.   She also kicked butt and race the same half marathon I was supposed to run.   She is awesome in the fact that she understands and dedicated it to me.

Both of these women are amazing and awesome.  I am honored to call them friends, and humbled that they ran for me !!

I know I will get out there to run another day!  Maybe today, on a treadmill 😉 I know I am in the process of getting the lupus under control and have a pretty good grasp on it.  I know the Raynaud’s is basically another speed bump that I need to work on and will get that under control too!

Below: Ruth and Friends getting ready to RUN!!!





My Twin Katy Hessler, rockstar, mom, great friend!!! 10406596_10204869069860413_2921506531125076249_n

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