Ragnar Season is Upon Us…….

This weekend I get to travel to sunny and warm Phoenix.  Did I mention warm??  It was warm here in Colorado on Friday, sports bra and shorts warm.  Then BAM, mood swing, and its back to snowy and 18 degrees, fantastic.   So yeah warmer running weather will be AWESOME!!!

Anywho, Ragnar, a 200 mile relay from point A to point B.   Don’t worry you don’t run all the 200 miles……that would be a killer!  This one is going from Wikenburg,AZ to Mesa, AZ.  This awesome part of Ragnar is meeting new people and driving around running and staying awake for 24+ hours. (yes, not everyone defines that as fun)

How does one get into running Ragnars?? Well at the beginning of my fitness journey, a friend David, suggested that I should run a Ragnar, well that posed a small problem….you see I didn’t have enough people to make a regular team 12, or even an ultra team, 6.  So off in search of a team, found an awesome group of girls to run with that I had never even met.  Needless to say these girls, have become my best friends and Ragnar buddies.  They know they can call me and it won’t take me long to debate over if I should run the Ragnar or not, the answer is going to be yes.  By just finding a team randomly on facebook I am made some of the greatest friends, someone could ask for!  Yes that’s you Nicole, Rilee, Sierra, McKoye, Karli.

So last year I ran 4 of them: Colorado Road, Colorado Trail, Napa, and Las Vegas.  Gotta admit you get to see so much when you travel around the country and run in crazy places!

This year however a slight change up, I decided it was a good idea to run both Colorado Ragnars as an ultra team.  Ummm yeah I don’t know what I was thinking but if you are reading this and I don’t make it out bury me with my medals 🙂

it should be fun despite the fact that it may kill me !

This weekend however, off to run in Phoenix!  I love where I am at in life right now, I am able to run without hurting, like no pain at all.   And for most people reading this that is hard to imagine, but lupus is not a very nice thing and really likes to make its precense known when I run.   However, between cross training with running and crossfit, I think I may have tamed the beast known as lupus.   Mwhahaha (evil McNugget laugh) For me this means the world, to have successfully triumphed over something that I have been battling for 9 years now.  That points in time was so bad walking and getting out of bed were even out of the question.  And now I go run and love it.

So yes, many call me crazy because I run all these races, however I have to run these races.  I have to stay in shape and not get lazy.  The second I get lazy, the lupus starts coming back and I don’t want that.

I may like the medals too, just saying, ohhh and the meeting new people thing too! So here is to the start of a Ragnar season, since my Spartan season is well under way, so close to that first trifecta! 🙂

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