Running in the Sun

So much has happened this past week it is crazy. I was finally matched with three kids in the IR4Siblings group.   I am not able to run for three awesome kids, Noah, Jman, and Letty!  So excited to share my journey of racing with them!   Its great to be able to encourage and support others!  I will also be able to get them medals so that they have some of their own from all my crazy travels and races that I do!

So blitz trip to Arizona to race, yes we are crazy like that.  Let’s drive 12+ hours to get to a race to simply run.  Now many would consider the thought of doing that ludicrous….but hey its what we do! We pile in a car on a Thursday night and drive over night to our location.

Road trips are always fun and this time I was with Laura, David, and Michael C.   Good group of people and a blast in the car considering we are in the car for 12 hours we better be able to get along! Took I 25 south and got to stop in my hometown of Trinidad at the truck stop.  Aww good ol’ Trinidad.  It was a fast stop and on the road again.

So driving at night is always interesting, you see interesting things, like a rainbow lighted bridge somewhere in AZ…..I think it was AZ.   And no I wasn’t imagining it.   Well we let David drive and got pulled over for speeding, it seems to be a common theme on COR road trips.

Got to our hotel, and not till the next morning did we find cockroaches in the room.   Not happy Laura and I were having none of that! And trust me, I reported them to the health department of course. 🙂

I also got to meet Myana a fellow lupie.  It’s always great to see another woman who fights lupus like I do, battling the disease in the only way we know possible, racing.  She runs elites and one day I would love to grow up and be like her!  She kills the course despite the disease she has and that my friends is something to be proud of!

I got to run with some people that I have never ran with before, Michael and Jeff.   It was nice to get to know them better and have someone to help a McNugget over a wall.   I was also in return able to help them with burpees, because we all know this girl loves her burpees!  It was beautiful course and an awesome race day that’s for sure! I have only one complaint about the course this time around.   Some of the volunteers were treating the open wave as though we were elites.   Which means no helping if needed on obstacles, this short girl needs help reaching the first monkey bar, and I wasn’t allowed to get it.   The volunteers yelled so I discussed how Spartan is a race of helping each other and changing rules like this is not fair to others.   Anyway did my burpees while complaining and moved along.   Seemed that was the only obstacle that they truly enforced this at, maybe it was just the volunteers however they put a bad taste in my mouth.

I love being able to race and not be in pain, minus my calf cramping up will using a rope to climb a fairly tall wall.  Great place to get a cramp! haha not really.   But once again the lupus wasn’t present while running or doing any of the obstacles, have I finally almost beaten a disease that once had every part of me?  It sure feels that way and is great to be able to prove to the doctors that told me I would have to live a life of sitting around.  Guess what buddy, that is not going to happen.

So yes, love racing, love racing and meeting new people.   Both Michael and Jeff were great support and a blast to run with.

I also got to volunteer for the first time ever at a Spartan Race! It was a humbling experience that is for sure.   To see people’s faces as they cross the finish line is amazing.   They are so proud of what they had just accomplished and I was happy to be there at the end.   They did accomplish something, Spartan races are no walk in the park, so being able to finish, no matter how long it took is awesome.  I also for the first time ever got to see the last racer finish the course.  This gentleman was by himself and racing alone.  Now imagine running your first Spartan race and being alone and by yourself.   That has to be a big feat to take on all alone.  But he did it.  At the end at the last few obstacles, the entire festival area gathered around to cheer him on and encourage him.  I am pretty sure that gave him some fuel to finish.  I am in tears as I write this, because the emotion of watching someone achieve their dreams is enormous.  The happiness on his face as he crossed the finish line was worth the whole time he had spent out there.

I remember running my first ever OCR, a Tough Mudder, and having support from my little brother Alex and friend Shannon.  Had I not had their support, I honestly don’t think I could have finished.  So for this gentleman to finish the course alone is amazing and astounding.

So i have another medal under my belt.   A great experience and we all made it home safely.  As tiring and exhausting road trips for races are, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Why?? Because the experience of racing is something I don’t ever want to stop doing.  This is what allows me to fight the disease I have and triumph.   I know I am not the fastest one out there, but I am out there fighting the fight.

So back to Arizona next week, for a Ragnar….you know just a 200 mile relay race.  Hehe So more posts to come as I finish that one too!

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