Why Hello There Race Season!

This is the first year that I have begun racing this early in the year, typically and in years past I have waited till May time frame to start my season.   This year however is a wee bit different.   I started in January, say what??

Saturday I have another race, a Spartan Sprint in Phoenix.   I am excited for this and toying with the idea of running elite women.   Scary right?  Those were the women that I looked up to and idolized when I first started racing.   I never even imagined being capable of even being any where near their level or capabilities!   How could I?  I had lupus, a disease that was slowly eating away at my joints and body.   Everything hurt when I raced, my body felt like I had been hit by a car, and trust me I know what that feels like I have had that happen.

With the workout and training routine that I have recently started however, I feel myself getting stronger.  What used to hurt doesn’t hurt anymore when I work out. I feel amazing after racing, besides being hungry enough to eat a cow, but that is something completely different.   Its amazing what healthy eating and cross training does for you.

Not many people may understand the strides, that it takes to go from being unable to basically walk and function in life.  To being able to compete with athletes.  Funny right, not until my last race in California did I consider myself an athlete.   I had been working my ass off to get stronger and be healthier, but no matter how hard I tried the lupus would rear its ugly little head every time I pushed my body to the limit.   It was a battle and yes I may have been winning, the lupus still let me know that it wasn’t going anywhere.

I am well aware that the disease I have doesn’t have a cure.  Hell, lupus doesn’t even have true medicine to treat it.   I am on medicine for a completely different disease and treatment, but they found it helps lupus patients.   Kind of messed up that very little research has gone into finding a cure or medicine that will adequately treat the disease, but I digress.

Recently I started cross fit, which is a different form of working out than I have done in the past.   I have noticed in the short amount of time there, that I am stronger, no I am not perfect I still have things to work on, but I have gotten a hell of a lot stronger in the short time there.  This I believe has helped the greatest, with not only my general running and training for a 50k but for OCR racing as well.

So needless to say, I am excited this race season, and seeing what I can achieve.   Why simply to prove to myself and the doctors that said I couldn’t do it, that I have done it and succeeded.

I realize I ramble sometimes, and yes racing is an important part of my life.  Fitness in general is now.  But what many don’t realize is that this is what saved my life.   Racing and running saved my life from the disease I have.

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