It’s Not Just a Challenge

Its Not Just A Challenge It’s A Lifestyle

I always love to sit back watch and listen to people talk about how hard this challenge is, yes it is, these foods are manufactured that way so your body always craves more and more. It’s a good part of the reason America struggles with so many diet issues. How the struggle of cutting certain things out of their lives is for this short period of time is going to be difficult. Not everyone will stick with challenge, it isn’t for everyone and yes I get it. Not everyone has to do this, it isn’t for everyone, and not everyone needs to or has to. I have to if I don’t want to end up crippled in and in a wheel chair. Or have both my hips replaced and my knees as well. Oh wait, did I just say that? Yes, I am 30 years old and I am seriously already worried about that. I see what Lupus has done to my mom. I know although my grandma wasn’t officially diagnosed with it, she most likely had it and the disease is no joke. Imagine living with something inside of you that basically is trying to kill you every single day. So yes, I will do every single thing I can in order to ensure that Lupus will not win. It will never get the upper hand for me. I used to be so embarrassed to tell my story that just over four years ago I couldn’t even walk. It took fifteen minutes for me to get from my car to my apartment door some days. I would have to sit down on the steps after maybe two steps because it was all too much. And now four years later after cutting out processed foods, gluten, wheat, and dairy. Switching to lean meats and veggies I am training for my first ultra-race and run and work out like I am like any other individual, like I don’t have a disease that is trying to kill me. Eating those foods feeds my disease. By eating those things I let the lupus win. I have recently decided oh it doesn’t matter what I eat and am now suffering the consequences but realize now, I can’t go back there. I want to grow old despite what my doctors have said. I want to not have to take a ton of pills a day. And thanks to eating this way I am working my way to a better and healthier lifestyle.

Who would have thought that by simply cutting out all of these things, you could have drastically changed a disease? Oddly enough I do. My driver’s license pictures below show the progression of my disease. The initial picture of me was before I was diagnosed with lupus and RA. The disease progressed. All of a sudden my hair goes short, why? I lost all of it, because the medicine I was on was basically a chemo therapy like drug to kill off my immune system to attempt to make me “healthy”. Yep, didn’t work. None of the treatments worked. I know I write about this a lot and that’s because I can’t over emphasize the importance of your food and what you put into your body. I am pretty sure you can tell in my time line of pictures I am healthy now….and guess what it sure as hell wasn’t medicine that got me there. As a matter of fact they are taking me off medicine. That’s right for the first time in eight years I am down to 5 pills a day. At one point in time I was on over 30 a day. I take natural supplements and vitamins now, but not toxic medicines. Prednisone being one of the most toxic was the hardest to get off of. I know my bone mass hit the hardest but I am no longer dependent on the toxic drug. Odd thing is, now I love to share my story. I love to let people know that no this isn’t just a challenge this is a lifestyle change for the better. I need to prove to myself and all the doctors that told me I would never run, I would never be able to do a race, or any activity for that matter. I always love to see the look on their faces when I tell them what I did the previous weekend. Oh I did this 200 mile relay race this weekend, or race this obstacle course race and you know what it was awesome. Despite the odds against me, I am here and I am fighting. I know it may seem like a huge task against you to have to cut out all these foods, these foods are what are not good for us.   Isn’t amazing what food can do for you??

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