Falling Off the Paleo Bandwagon

Yes three years ago I decided to hop on the Paleo lifestyle, and it was the best thing I could have done for myself.  Why?  Well after fighting a disease that was basically killing me this was the solution to not being able to find relief.  After being on Paleo for about a little over  a month I was able to see the results of clean eating.  I was able to walk and run without pain.   For someone with chronic pain, that is amazing.   I was beyond happy to have found relief for the what I originally thought was a death sentence.

However, eating this way takes dedication and practice, and I recently have fallen off the band wagon.   I don’t eat like I should all the time anymore and my health is feeling that.  My joints make noise, and my fingers look like sausages in the morning, why ?  Oh because I am eating crappy again.

Starting tomorrow I am going back to what I know has saved me with some help with proportioning.  This will bring my health back to what it needs to be.  This way training for a 50k and 4 Spartan trifectas isn’t as hard.  This is a lifestyle change that needs to occur for me.   I need my health to be better so that I may be able to see gains and progress in my training.

No more salt, no more dairy, no more gluten, no more wheat!

So yes, I may have a rough couple of weeks while my body detoxes and I get back to the happy place.


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