“Off Season”

Its been awhile, I am in my race “off season”.   But do I ever really take a break? Well those of you that know me, that answer would be a NO.   I don’t think since I have gotten healthier, and been able to enjoy life, that I know what it means to completely stop working out.    I won’t have any major races till January, so it is nice to step back and take it easy in my book.

Training for my 50k has started.   However, I caught the lucky card and caught the flu.  Yes, I got the flu shot, however the strain mutated and I caught that one.  Just my luck right, knocked me on my ass for 5 solid days.   Then the lupus has become pissed off as well, because of the medicine sending my immune system into hyper drive.   Gotta love the catch 22 of lupus.  You need medicine but anything that makes your immune system work over time, makes everything else not so happy.  Working through that though, I know for a fact however, now that I eat clean and work out I am able to come back from sickness a hell of a lot quicker.

Any way, getting back to the running and working out.  I took the plunge and started cross fit.  Drank the kool aid and love the challenge.   Its pushing me and know this will be great for me.  I can’t wait to see where this will take me and my training.

In the meantime I am not training as hard, taking it easy and working on cross training between cross fit and running.  Yes I know I am crazy to sign up and attempt a 50k.  I would love to see the expression on my old Rheumatologist’s face.   Would pay to see that.   Considering 5ish years ago I could barely walk, he would think holy hell this girl is out of her mind.  Why yes, yes I am.  I want to beat this disease and show others that they can too.  And show doctors since as my old one, that giving people a death sentence isn’t the way to treat people.

Oh and there is this 24 hour cross fit challenge I got convinced to do.  That should be interesting.   We shall see how working out for 24 hours goes!

This is my randomness but new it had been forever since I wrote.  I am still alive and kicking and defying the lupus daily.

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