Ragnar Contest for Del Sol

As many of you are aware, I have entered a contest to win a race entry into Ragnar Del Sol.    I am however not doing this just for the contest.   I know that my story can inspire and help so many people out there struggling with problems, no matter what it may be.   I want others to know they can do what I was able to achieve too.  In my journey of over coming Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have been through a lot.   Having a chronic autoimmune disease isn’t easy by any means, and you go through so much emotionally and physically.   I see it this way, God gave me this challenge for a reason.  Yes it took 8 years to figure it out, I may be a little stubborn.   I was mad and angry, rightfully so.    Then it hit me that I can easily inspire others, and help others for the greater good.

Its amazing how quickly and easily you can change your life.   When I started running, I could even run a block without being in tears and in pain.   I had started a battle with a disease that wasn’t exactly easy to fight.   But I kept going and pushing.   It does take determination and support from the awesome people I have in my life, but I never gave up.   Yes I had set backs and the disease would rear it’s ugly little head from time to time.  I however, do not let that get me down.  You see it’s important to stay strong even at your weakest moment.

So yes, I entered a contest, not just to win a race, but to get my story out there.  I have touched an individual whom I don’t even know whose daughter was diagnosed with Lupus recently.  That alone was worth the entry.   I wanted to make sure people knew why I entered and what I am doing this for.

Here is the link to my contest page, I want you to read the story and if you feel inclined, vote.  But like I said not in it to necessarily win the contest, I want people to know the story.






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