Phew Race Season is Under Way!

Its been a crazy busy race season and I am feeling even more inspired by people and races.  I have ran 5 races so far this season.  No I am not racing every weekend like last year, I learned my lesson.  But I am definitely keeping busy and running my little heart out.  3 Spartan races down and at the end of the month i will travel to Utah to run the Spartan Beast and complete my trifecta.  I am to say the least very excited about that one ! Quite the accomplishment.   Recently though I ran Ragnar Trail Relay, with an awesome team.   Running and meeting great people at these races is another reason I do this.  Its amazing to hear other people’s stories and what they have went through.  In comparison to what I went through some people are truly astounding.   Yes I realize that I may not be the fastest person out there, but I am a hell of a lot faster than someone sitting on the couch.   But after the race having my fellow team mates say that I am inspiring almost had me in tears.  Yes, it took me a long time to be able to feel comfortable with sharing my story and everything I went through.  I truly didn’t want a pity party for myself because I am stronger than that.  Realizing that changing that tune and making sure I inspire others because I was able to achieve these amazing goals, all makes it worth it.   I realize now, how many people’s lives I have truly touched.  And am going to continue to inspire and reach out to more.  I want to help those who struggle with what they are going through, no matter what the cause.  I found that God did have a calling for me, after realizing what that is I am full steam ahead on my path.  To think just over four years ago I could barely walk and was in the hospital constantly.  Let’s just say I was on a first name basis with the hospital staff, they knew me so well.  I look back at pictures of me from that time, and can truly see how much I was suffering and miserable.  Looking at recent pictures of me I can see what a transformation I have gone through in order to be where I am.  Yes I have lupus, but lupus sure as hell doesn’t have me.  I took matters into my own hands after years, 8 to be exact, of suffering.  I didn’t want to live my life that way anymore.  And to all my non believers, including doctors, who thought I was crazy signing up for my first race, granted it was a Tough Mudder, well I would like them to just look at me now.  I run easily over a 100 miles a month, to think I could barely walk 5 feet without being in unbearable pain, show proof and point that exercise and eating right can change your life for the better.  I will never go back to the way I was before, granted I know I have my bad days, but those will not keep me down by any means! Image

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