Ragnar Napa….Oh Wait Another 200 Mile Relay!

I am late to writing this as its been kind of hectic this week but last weekend I traveled to California to run Ragnar Napa Valley with some awesome ladies.  And yes I saw the ocean! 10676331_958215382261_8354001029896681024_n

Granted this was the first time I had seen the ocean and what better way to do it but running!! Its kind of crazy to think where running has taken me in the past year; Montana, Texas, Utah, and California.   I can’t believe I have had the opportunity to travel to all these amazing places to do what I love!

So Ragnar Napa Valley, can’t go wrong there right?  Running through wine country and oh wait there will be wine at the end!  I got invited to join a team of awesome ladies that I had met by chance a year ago when on a whim I decided to do Colorado Ragnar, met them on a Facebook post and went for it.  Best experience of my life, and now I have some awesome running friends that I will never forget.  The views were breath taking and thats the only thing that was taking my breath away, because running at sea level after you have been running in Colorado is FANTASTIC!!! Your body definitely gives out before the lungs, not going to lie I kind of like that!

It was an awesome opportunity to run another 200 mile relay, lose a toe nail, get a blister the size of Texas (ok it was the size of my pinky toe) and have a blast in a van filled with some great ladies.  Now would I do something like this again?  Fly to another state and run a random relay race, why HELL YES I would.  You see I have a passion for running, and I run for a purpose, a purpose that drives me to run as many races as I can. Not everyone truly understands this, but there is a reason.  Not everyone that has lupus can run.   Not everyone that lupus can even truly enjoy life.   I run for them to show them there is hope, there is a chance at recovery.  Despite what the doctors may tell you, you have to FIGHT.  You have to take that chance and do what is best for you.  So yes I will be running more races, oh yeah that reminds me I have a trail half marathon tomorrow 😉 I am one of those girls that won’t give up any time soon, so keep on reading and stoping by for more stories of my adventures.  I will keep kicking lupus’s ass trust me this fight will go on!   You see I may have lupus but it sure as hell doesn’t have me!! 10647179_10152723151579162_4619359328232619542_n 10479688_10152723150409162_6198431542964647400_n 10359897_10152723150324162_8136163243998417052_n 10665944_10152723150194162_1925462929307121737_n 10157270_10154702513005601_6339200231379049320_n 10387578_957176983221_4888793665995499045_n 156086_957644571171_6480564427810074433_n 10665835_10154695535710601_7606906393212213114_n 10150535_10154696627740601_8795983760247888088_n 431929_10154695564175601_2519983540000705988_n 10712720_10154695554270601_2791466819816538102_n 10629637_10154696723630601_8915465467061882446_n

Also enjoy the pictures, because to be honest they are AWESOME.  I borrowed some of them from my team mates from Napa, you ladies are awesome, I can’t wait to do another Ragnar with you again!! 🙂


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