Race Season Has Begun

Its been awhile.  I know I have been crazy busy between struggling with being an engineer and starting my passion of being an OCR racer.  And boy did I start that full on head to the brim stone.  I am basically doing three races back to back to back.  Talk about crazy, yes I know I am called that on a regular basis.  I have been training since about January to get back into decent shape since my injury last season and I have been getting there slowly, and I mean slowly.  It is truly amazing how slowly you lose it.  I was in amazing shape when I was injured.  And actually that was a god send because had I not been in that good of shape I probably wouldn’t be racing today. My first race of the season was the Colorado Springs Ft. Carson Military Sprint.  Which I had convinced my boyfriend to run with me.  Now last year I ran 25 races, this was his first ever race.  He loved every minute of it, yes I converted another human being to the dark side. (hehehe) I felt good during the race but didn’t have the same amount of energy that I would typically have I know this is because I was still working on getting everything back.  Well after the race in the days following I was convinced by a good friend that I should drive to Montana and do the Founders Sprint there.  Let’s keep in mind that is a 14 hour drive for a race.  Well needless to say it didn’t take much to convince me to go. That was one hell of a race with a 4000 ft elevation gain, 19 obstacles, and 4.9 miles.  I loved it and felt so good after the race.  The Cassidy I know and loved was slowly starting to come back! Which was a damn good thing considering this weekend I am traveling to Austin, Texas to run the Spartan Super.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention I am trying to achieve my Spartan Trifecta.   I am feeling so much better, getting back into running, not going to run too much am trying to allow for recovery and shooting for the stars.  Oh yeah and doing 100 burpees a day.  Those help and million !!!

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