Why do a silly challenge like the ice bucket challenge?

I am pretty sure EVERYONE has heard of the ice bucket challenge right?  So in turn you most likely know about ALS.   Did you know what this disease was before?  Did you know how much it can riddle one’s body to the point of imbolization?  Most likely not, you most likely have heard the disease name thrown around here and there but never really even paid attention to what it was and what it could do to an individual.  I have a place in my heart for diseases like ALS and lupus, where your own body is basically out on a sniper mission to kill you.   I am by no means comparing the two diseases but I can get what it feels like to wake up every single day knowing your body is basically out to get you.   Imagine, living in a house that no matter what you did or how you lived it slowly was killing you from the inside out.   People with ALS and many different diseases live with this reality day in and day out.  It’s misery knowing that there is no treatment or in depth understanding as to what can be done to stop the adverse effects of the disease.  It sucks.   Unfortunately, its not like cancer were money is poured into the research and treatment of patients.

Lupus was discovered in 1948.  Which in terms of our advancing technology was quite some time ago right?  In that time there has been only ONE medicine actually created to treat lupus head on.   ONE.   Unfortunately, not much research goes to these less common diseases, and there is no money to figure out what can be done to help those in pain and suffering everyday.  So yes, if an Ice Bucket Challenge will get people to wake up and realize that donations are needed by means bring on the ice.   Yes, I may have a sore spot in my heart for what’s going on here.   Yes, I may be bitter, but I am pretty sure I have the right to be.   They know so little about some of these diseases that its scary.   So little research is being done to determine the cause, or why people end up with the disease.   For me it hurts.   It hurts knowing that yes they have me on a medicine to reduce the inflammation and the effects of the disease but not the disease itself.   It really does hurt knowing that the disease could potentially kill me by shutting down my kidneys, liver, lungs or heart at any given time.  Luckily, I have found alternative methods which have kept me going but so many people don’t have this luxury.

The Ice bucket challenge for ALS raised $8.6 million dollars in one day, by challenging people to dump ice on their heads and donate or if they chose not to just donate money to the foundation.   That’s a large amount of money to get research going, to help those riddled by the disease.   So yes its a fun game, and the videos are hilarious to watch,but I think we all need to realize the true purpose of this.   We raised awareness for ALS, I would bet most of you didn’t know about it before?  But know you do and you also have most likely been challenged or will be challenged and donate, at least I am hoping you would.

I know some may be offended by what I have written today, and I am ok with that.  I wasn’t put on this planet to please everyone and if this offends you I am sorry but I am merely speaking the truth of what’s going on.   I live with this disease day in and day out, and have doctors tell me I don’t know what to do when I get sick.   Awesome.   So yes, I would love for all of these diseases to be cured.  Yes, I would love for more research to go into ALS and many other diseases that are not always focused on.

I am a lucky person, to have found alternatives to my disease.  I made a choice that I didn’t want to live hunched over and barely unable to get out of bed, or even get out of bed.  But unfortunately, these diseases attack and attack hard and fast and some people don’t always have that luxury to be able to make the change, the disease has them.   This is why I am for doing what is being done, I know many people think its ridiculous, that is your freedom to speech, believe what you may.   Just realize that the ALS foundation has now raised a lot more money, for some buckets of ice and some good you tube videos.   People were having fun in the process.

I hope all of you who do the challenge will donate, no matter the amount.  No matter how small.   This will make a difference to someone more than you may realize!

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  • Is there an official website for lupus donations?

    1 katy said this (August 20, 2014 at 3:42 pm) Reply

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