What’s your purpose in life?

Tomorrow is not a guarantee. We don’t know when our last day will be. Today I was listening to a speech by Les Brown, a brilliant man. He speaks the truth and gets you to realize who you are and how you should be living your life. So today, I am asking what is your purpose in life? We all have dreams that we would love to achieve. Do you go out there and make sure to try and achieve them? For most people I feel like that answer is no. Most people are miserable, they are miserable because they aren’t doing what makes them happy. They aren’t doing what there purpose in life was. What is stopping them? Ignorance, fear, or not thinking they deserve it. Wait, what? Everyone deserves to achieve their dreams. Yes, everyone’s dreams change as their lives go on. Never did I see where I am today. Never did I see myself running multiple races a year, challenging myself to my limits and pushing myself beyond that line.

Its hard to say what a person’s purpose in life is. Its hard for anyone to sit down and think about what they were meant to do with their lives. I believe God has a plan for all of us, whether you believe in him or don’t. The problem is, we are all so damn busy with the hussle and bussle of everyday living that we haven’t stopped and asked ourselves, what about me? What makes me happy? I see so many people at their jobs, day in and day out that are basically miserable. They are not happy with what they are doing. Why is this? Oh, that’s right they have settled into this mundane routine of not being happy and just going through the motions.

I am lucky, I love being an engineer. I love design work. I love being able to work for an aerospace company and watch my designs go into outerspace, not going to lie that’s pretty freaking awesome. So yes, I am maybe one of the few who loves their career. But why can’t you? Why can’t you take that leap of faith and change what you are doing and make it better? We can all do it, all it takes is that first step off the ledge that you have been sitting on not so contently and miserable. JUST DO IT!

Now, yes I know this has nothing to do with racing, but wait yes it does. I was petrified to run Tough Mudder for the first time. Hell, I could barely walk let alone run a 12+ mile course with obstacles that not only challenged you mentally but physically. But guess what, I took that step. I took that leap of faith and went for it. And look where I am today, I am a million times healthier. A million times happier. Hell I am living. I was going through the motions of my life before. Lupus had me by the throat and was holding on tight. I broke that hold and will NEVER let it have me again. I will never be miserable. I realize that lupus may win in the long run, that I may die at a younger age due to complications of the disease. I have come to accept that. But you know what, I am not going to live my life with regrets right now. I will do what I want, run the races I want, and LIVE. I want to be happy, and help others be happy in the process.

See you have to realize that doing what I am doing now is a huge leap for me. When I was sick it was bad, really bad. Daily I would put a fake smile on my face and pretend to be ok so that others wouldn’t have to know the agonizing pain I was in. I didn’t want to have to explain to people why I was losing all my hair. I didn’t want to have to explain to people why I suddenly gaining all kinds of weight. I was EMBARASSED. I lived this way for a very long time. I didn’t want to share what I had been through, I didn’t want a single person to know, because for me it was an embarrassment. It wasn’t until I got more involved in the OCR community that certain individuals, you know who you are, pushed me to take that leap yet again. I started this blog, I started to share my story. And to my astonishment, it was taken with open arms and appraisal. I encouraged people I didn’t even know.

I just want people to realize its ok to take that leap, its ok to fail, its ok to make mistakes. You need to try and live your dreams. You need to be happy. You should do whatever it takes to do so. Yes, that involves taking risks, yes its not always the safe path to travel, but you may be a hell of a lot happier in the long run. It would be better than being the grouchy person at the office 😉

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