Dealing with Flares

Being on vacation and injured recently I haven’t been able to eat healthy or exercise like I had been the entire year prior.  Well now the lupus is angry.  Yes I refer to my disease as “the lupus”, its simply a thing in my life but has no control over me.  Recently I have been experiencing the all to well known symptoms of a flare.  I am extremely tired, my joints are killing me, I have no appetite.  I know all of this has to do a lot with the above mentioned facts and its a lot to swallow that in order for me to live comfortably I am going to need to live on a strict schedule of the way I have been for the past year, no straying from it.  Because as soon as I do I begin to have a flare as I am currently experiencing unfortunately.   The thing about flares though is that you can’t let it get you down by any means.   Its something that with courage and strength will pass.  Its not going to be there forever, just a short amount of time in terms of your life.  Getting back into the swing of things and back on the train of working out and eating healthy again will get me back where I need to be.  With the support of amazing people in my life I am able to do this without much struggle.  It does truly make a huge difference when you have a great support structure no matter who that may be in order to help you with advice and encouragement when you need it the most.  

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