What you put in, makes a difference

Go figure, the phrase “What you put it, comes out” holds true when it comes to food. When you eat like shit you are going to feel like shit. It’s true, there is not denying it. You get into the habit of cooking easy stuff, which is inevitably processed, not really crap. Nasty, not good for you crap.

This crap, its going to make your body feel like crap. I started paleo about two years ago and this was my saving grace from lupus. I have tried who knows how many different types of medicines to treat what I have, nothing has worked. Nothing has cured what I have. When I started changing what I eat I realized that dairy, gluten, and processed foods are a big part of what is making me sick. Yes, that’s a huge part of the typical American diet. Yes, that eliminates pretty much every single person’s fast food in take, but wait fast food is crap any way.

Starting grad school recently I have been so busy, I have gotten lazy. My laziness, has shown in my diet. My diet has fallen on the tracks, and so has my health. Well dammit I feel like crap and have no energy. I know this is because of what I am eating. I need to get back on my paleo eating kick and not eat the crap that I was eating before. Its not good for me and getting to where I want to be.

You see, my goal long term, is to eventually be medicine free. In order to do this I need to get the lupus into remission by purely doing it naturally. Treating the lupus with medicine and exercise is key to my success. I have learned what I bad for me. It is essential that I follow this. Yes, its not easy to follow a lifestyle like this, yes it may be hard. But it is key to do so.

Many people don’t realize this. That is why obesity is such a huge problem in today’s society. That is why awareness needs to be made so that children realize that they need to pay attention to what they are taking into their bodies.

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