Whats 30 hours and 194 miles long?

Ragnar, thats what! A crazy relay race that has you running from Copper Mountain to Snowmass, yes it does take a special kind of crazy to want to do something like that, but guess what? I had 11 other amazing people who were willing to do this with me!

Recently I have been under a lot of stress, well as many of you know lupus and stress do not get a long at all. Its one of the biggest triggers to cause a flare. I was a little worried about this race, I didn’t want to let my team down. I didn’t want to be a disappointment and not be able to represent COR well.

Leg 1 was 7.6 miles with a 450 ft elevation gain in the first half mile. Yeah that first half mile was brutal, my team Jared ran down it, which would have been awesome. Running uphill is a killer, and it took some time to recover. This leg required me to run around the Dillion reservoir. I chose to not take water on this leg, knowing there would be a water station a few miles in. It was a tough leg for me to run. It was warm, and I can tell the stress had taken a toll on my body. The first issue on this leg is I missed a turn and ended up running an extra half of a mile. Yeah glad I turned around and saw everyone else on a different road, oops extra mile for good measure. My hips were on fire and screaming profanities at me. I had to push through I had to finish this leg and be done. I didn’t want to not succeed. My friends David and Nick saw me as I reached the top of the Dam, and apparently I had a look of not happiness on my face. Yep not happy when your hips are on fire. A lot of things go through your head when you are in this position. A lot of mental battles and struggles. I pushed myself through, as the rain started I regained the motivation I need to finish off the leg and run up Main Street in Frisco to the exchange. Legs hurting, body mad, I had to push that away and prepare myself for the next leg.

Leg 2 was going to be my redemption, I had to get it back. I need to kick it into high gear, and not let the disease win. See not many people realize that almost every day, every race is a battle. I fight this battle with what I have in order to do the things I love. This leg was going to be much shorter a 2.4 mile run. This will be were I do well! I rocked that leg, I retaped my legs and they didn’t hurt. I felt amazing, it was great ! This leg was 2.4 miles and I rocked it in 24 minutes. Which felt pretty damn good. It feels good to push yourself harder and do well!

Now when you run Ragnar, there is little to no sleep, your body is running on pure adrenaline basically. You are running on the will to succeed this amazing feat. You are running on pure motivation. I didn’t sleep much when van 1 finished the second leg, we went to Glenwood High School, the gym floor was cold, every was being loud, no sleep was going to happen. I accepted that and went ahead and prepared for that morning so we could finish the final leg of the mission.

Leg 3, I was running on empty, my body was pretty much done. I knew it, my body knew it. My van mates were playing Journey, “Don’t Stop Beliving”, which was then permanently stuck in my head for the leg, which little did they know would help out on this leg. Knowing I had little to no energy left, this was going to take a lot. This was going to be a mind game for me. I hurt, I am not going to lie, my knees, my hips, my back. This was lupus and RA’s way of saying maybe I have been pushing too hard? But you know what maybe not? I have been told that I push too hard. That I am stubborn. Damn straight I am stubborn, I don’t accept failure. That is not in my vocabulary. I don’t understand or accept that word. So yes I will push myself past all of this. 6.7 miles of a fight ahead of me, Journey in my head. I had to walk some on this leg, in order to keep pushing, I didn’t stop but every few miles needed to walk. The volunteers were making noise about 3 miles from the exchange, a bear had just pooped on the trail, great!! More motivation to go faster, I would like to not be bear food! I finished the leg, it wasn’t my best, but far from the worst. I had finished my Ragnar legs, I was done. My body was beaten and done. But I didn’t quit. I finished.

Every time, I do one of these races, I am always hard on myself. I want to be a great athlete. I know I am far from being in amazing shape or in perfect shape. I strive to but have a lot of hurdles to climb over, I am getting there slowly but surely. I know I am far from being the strongest runner on my team, and that was a concern of mine, I was afraid to not perform well, I knew we had great runners on our team.

I know I could have ran better, but I did what I could. I finished, and ran the best that I could push my body to do for this event. One day, I will be able to completely get my lupus to stop hindering my ability out on the course. One day there will be a cure. I will not give up until this is the case. I will continue to fight the fight.

I want to thank all of my awesome team mates. They are all amazing people. Each individual on our COR team deserves all of my respect, you are all amazing and great people. It was an honor and great to run with all of you. I look forward to the opportunity to possibly do it again!

A special thank you to Jim for inviting me to run with COR, I just got more involved with the group. Even though just getting started with the group everyone makes me feel like family!

A final special thank you to our van driver Angela and photographer Garth. You two rock! You were willing to put up with 6 smelly, grouchy, tired, complaining runners for 30 some hours. That takes a lot of will power and strength! Kudos to you guys and it was a blast ! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your days to take in the experience of the Ragnar with us!10570504_797970020247158_1240701789790490462_n















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