Why Race?

Today while kidding around about what race number I am on this year, 9 I believe, someone asked me why I race?  Why would you pay money to go run a Ragnar relay and stay up for 24+ hours, and run 200 miles as a team?  Aren’t there other things you spend your money on?

To put it simply yes, there are other things I could spend my money on, but why would I?  Racing gives me the opportunity to do what I love, which is run and race.   I love being able to go out on the course, where ever it may be and push myself.   Now who in their right mind would ever want to do something like that?  Well to be honest, me.   Every since joining the racing community three years ago, I have become addicted.   I love the camaraderie and the fact that what I am doing inspires others to get up and try.   Hearing from people who have heard my story and are inspired, when I didn’t even know they needed inspiring, pushes me to do more.   You see, having lupus is not a punishment by any means.   Yes, it does suck royally to have an immune system which doesn’t operate correctly and feels the need to attack me.   But you live.  You push on past this circumstance of life and do what you want to do.  I figured out that I need to inspire, however small it may be, whoever it may reach.

I want to let others know that, they can get up and do it too.  Now I know I run some crazy races, and not everyone who may read this is willing to go out there and run Tough Mudder on their first race, but go walk a 5k.   You will be surprised at how proud of a moment it will be when you cross that finish line.

Everyone jokes that I do it for the bling.  The picture below is my cube wall at work, yes I am an electrical engineer, so seeing this will inevitably pose some questions when people come to my desk.   Great, that what I want, I want people to know that the true reason I run races, is not only for myself and to prove that there is no way in HELL that lupus will ever have me, but to help those I know and that around me. Okay not going to lie, I like wallpapering my cube wall in race bibs and medals.   Why?  Inspiration, pure inspiration.   I can be having the world’s worst day at work and look up and see my accomplishments.  Well, I know I will definitely go work out and push myself, so that I may make more achievements and accomplishments for myself.

So the money I am paying is well spent in my honest opinion.   Why not spend it on something that is going to help keep me healthy and keep me going?   I would much rather spend my money on a race, then go out to eat or go to the movies.

A little bit of a rant today, I know.   But I don’t think everyone truly understands the reason WHY?   This weekend will mark race 10, and I have a few more on the list to complete this year.   So yes, I spend a fair amount of money to stay in shape, but you know what I am not doing, spending money on hospital bills anymore.   I love the fact that I have not been to the Emergency Room in over a year for my lupus or RA.   For me that’s priceless, when I was spending every other week in the hospital at one point.  For me its worth the race entry and worth going out and killing it every weekend.  Well and I mean I am not done filling in the cube wall yet 😉


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