Ohhh the obstacles, no not just the walls, the monkey bars, the inverted wall. I am talking all of life’s obstacles. I am pretty sure you know what I mean. Life is really good at throwing us obstacles every once in awhile that makes us stop and go WHAT THE HECK??? I believe that God gives us these obstacles for a reason, he only gives us things he knows we are going to make it through. We are very strong individuals, even though we may not think so. Hell, if I can kick lupus’s ass I am pretty sure I can beat anything. 🙂 Its almost like obstacle course racing makes us face our demons. That rope that you are petrified to climb, that wall that always gets you, the spear throw that you never hit. OCR’s make you a stronger individual no matter how you see it. The team work, the mental strength, and the physical strength that goes into completing one of these races. Now hear me out, I am not talking about one of the fun races, yes those are great races to go into and complete. I am talking more about a Spartan race. A race where you are pushed to your limit line and then propelled 100 yards beyond that. You are no longer in your comfort zone honey, you are in an area well beyond the comfort zone.

I honestly believe now that you should be pushed beyond your comfort zone, why live wrapped up in that comfort blanket knowing that you will never be challenged or pushed to the limit. You will be amazed at what you can do. You will have tears of joy to know that you pushed yourself beyond that limit line.

As for obstacles, no matter what the obstacle or hurdle may be, we need to face it head on. I don’t care what it is don’t back down. Be strong, be resilient, stand strong. For all my female friends out there, YOU ARE WOMAN STAND PROUD STAND STRONG AND DON’T BACK DOWN!! For all my friends out there battling a disease, I know what it is like, I know how it feels to wake up every single day in excruciating pain, knowing that you have to get out of bed knowing that you don’t want to. Fight it, don’t let that disease get you! You have to be stronger than the disease you have.

When I completed the Spartan Beast in Utah, I knew something was definitely true, ” I may have Lupus, but lupus sure as hell doesn’t have me!” And you know what? I wrote that on the wall at the Spartan race. Stand strong and proud all my friends! Face your fears, no matter how hard or scary it may be. 10462464_920743251711_5962795025836699266_n

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