Today I am inspired, no pun intended, to write about inspiration. For quite some time now, I have decided that I am doing what I am doing to inspire others. Oh yeah and I am crazy! But that’s besides the point, we already knew that! I want to inspire others who have been told they can’t to do what they want. I see so many women in this world today, simply give up because they got told they couldn’t do it and then in turn believed it. I at one of my sickest points in my life got told, you will never run or be active again so get used to it. How am I supposed to handle something like that? Being told NO. Well that simple two letter word was a driving force for a lot of what I am doing today, I want to ensure that other people don’t let the simplest of things get them down. Yes, I have lupus. Yes, I know I will die long before a lot of other people because the disease is doing damage to my body. But NO, I am not going to let that stop me from living my life and helping others.

I recently finally was able to meet an amazing woman by the name of Laura Curtis. She is a very like minded individual like me who inspires others to do amazing things. Its refreshing and amazing at the same time to meet another individual who wants to inspire others to be successful and strive for greatness. Now I know why we get a long so well! Today, however she is embarking on an awesomely crazy challenge. She will do tire flips and squat thrusts for a mile. This is no small feat by any means and accomplishment irregardless! This amazing feat and will power to do something this awesome will inspire others who are afraid to push themselves to their limit. Yes, limits are going to be pushed and crossed. But isn’t that the point of living a full life? Aren’t you supposed to push those limits and strive to better every single day. What Laura is doing today may not seem like much to all of you. But even to me, who is just as crazy, its purely inspirational. Wanting to prove all your haters wrong and say hey look at me now, well inspiring others to do the same thing is something words can’t even explain.

We live in a society today were girls have such bad self esteem, and the simple fact is that they let what everyone says to them get in their heads. Had I done that I would be sickly and in a hospital bed today. Rather I turned that into motivation to push myself harder and longer. This in turn can and will inspire others to be what they want to be, not what some punk kid thinks of them. Laura among many other individuals I have met recently are some of the people who battle everyday to ensure others can be successful. I am so happy and proud to call her a friend and also be running Ragnar with her in August.

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